Is Nayuta Really Dead In Chainsaw Man? Fan Theories Suggests She’s Still Alive!

Warning: The following article contains major spoilers from Chainsaw Man manga. Read ahead at your own discretion!

Chainsaw Man chapter 170 dropped a bombshell that sent the fandom into a frenzy! Not even Denji couldn’t believe his eyes at what he just saw on the sushi bar table.

Fujimoto cannot give Denji a break man. First, he made him kill Aki without any choice, then saw Power get shot in front of him, set his house on fire, kill his dogs, and now Nayuta?? The ONLY FAMILY HE COULD CARE ABOUT? Bro literally promised Pochita that he’d protect Nayuta no matter what. And the result?

(Chainsaw Man chapter 170)

But what if I told you that Nayuta is actually still alive and Barem is just tricking Denji, just so he could rage out and turn into the TRUE FORM OF CHAINSAW MAN to save the world? What’s more, Fami might be into all of it!

Is Nayuta really dead in Chainsaw Man?

Fujimoto hasn’t confirmed it yet but there’s a good chance that Nayuta is still alive. And here’s why.

Nayuta’s character design has always featured a distinctive mole below her left eye. But in the latest chapter, this detail is conspicuously absent, raising suspicions that her severed head might be a devilish decoy.

It’s not just the missing mole that stirs intrigue. A vein-like growth has sprouted on Nayuta’s left cheek, hinting that the Control Devil might still be in play. Yet, we can’t be sure she’s alive, as Fujimoto has been known to forget key details before.

Fujimoto previously omitted crucial details for characters like Yoshida, who once lost his mole, and War Devil Yoru, whose scar vanished in one panel of Chapter 167, leading to wild speculations among fans. Could Nayuta’s missing mole be just another slip-up?

However, the latest depiction of Nayuta is incredibly detailed, almost as if Fujimoto is daring us to spot the missing mole. Even her hair, which usually hides the mole, is strategically swept aside. It feels deliberate, almost like a hidden message.

Furthermore, the vein on Nayuta’s face and the stuff under her head, don’t seem to be just cut flesh from her neck or something like that, they look more like a type of filling.


That’s not even blood. But rather, it looks like rotten food. Maybe the copium had hit right in my head…

Another fan theory suggests that the Justice Devil could be working with Barem to bait Denji into thinking Nayuta’s dead by making a decoy. In the start of part 2, we see the Justice Devil attack Asa Mitaka / Yoru, basically capable of changing its shape.

Now, we know that the Justice Devil seems to be working for the Church. So here me out here…

What if the Justice Devil took the form of Nayuta’s head and Barem just placed it on the sushi bar counter to bait Denji? It’s true that the Devil wants Chainsaw Man dead but what if it was working with Barem just so Chainsaw Man would face the Death Devil and die at its hands?

What’s more, we know that Devils don’t die just as easy, especially the Control Devil. We have no idea what sort of contracts Nayuta has with anyone else and we’ve seen even fiends and hybrids like Power and Denji revive after dying so many times in the series.

Nayuta isn’t a weakling either. She’s literally the reincarnation of Makima, who couldn’t die without the power of Chainsaw Man’s STRONGEST FORM, which solos all other Devils. So the likelihood of Nayuta dying for good seems low. But Fujimoto is a cunning bastard. Nayuta can only fire 3 chains and there are certain individuals she is not capable of controlling.

She failed to take control of Barem, but it’s unclear whether she can’t control anyone who was previously under Makima’s control or will remain devoted to Makima.

It all depends on Fami. Is she working together with Nayuta to unleash Denji’s dormant power just to take on the Death Devil or is Barem really that intelligent?

We gotta wait for him to confirm it in Chapter 171, which comes out on July 16, so stay tuned!