Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 262 Confirms That Gojo Is The Strongest Because He Is Gojo Satoru!

Warning: The following article contains major spoilers from the Jujutsu Kaisen manga. Read ahead at your own discretion!

In chapter 78 of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga, Suguru Geto asks Gojo Satoru a very introspective question:

“Are you the strongest because you’re Gojo Satoru, or are you Gojo Satoru because you are the strongest?”

And although the answers seemed to indicate that Gojo is strongest because of his cursed technique, given how Yuta entered Gojo’s body to defeat Sukuna, chapter 262 suggests otherwise.

Although it was a short chapter, it really showed the difference between Yuta and Gojo.

Why Gojo’s Cursed Technique Did Not Make Him The Strongest

In chapter 262, we see Sukuna come over the shock of Yuta possessing Gojo’s body and rush towards Yuta and attack him.

Yuta is shocked to learn that Sukuna is able to use domain amplification while using domain expansion.

Furthermore, we see Sukuna quickly adapt his domain to remove the 99-second limiter and use Yuta’s blue technique against him, to reach quickly and land a punch on him.
He also deduces that Yuta and others have no idea regarding what transpired inside Gojo’s domain, as Mei Mei’s crows could not enter it.

This would not have happened to Gojo, as he would have anticipated Sukuna using Blue to reach him.

Furthermore, if we see how Gege has drawn Yuta into Gojo’s body, we can see that he does not feel like Gojo, although he looks like him.

Gojo showed a level of confidence on the verge of arrogance, while Yuta looked tense and worried. Although he is in the body of the strongest sorcerer, he does look confident.

However, all these do not feel out of place.

The Reason Behind Yuta’s Poor Performance

The low confidence in Yuta while he possesses the body of the strongest might be because he doesn’t understand Gojo’s cursed technique or Gojo himself.

Furthermore, it could also be possible, as he saw Gojo die with his own eyes, so he knows that he can die too if he slips up.

Another reason might be because Yuta doesn’t seem to have Gojo memory yet. During this battle, we saw that he didn’t know that Sukuna could use domain amplification alongside domain expansion.

However, Gojo had already experienced Sukuna use domain amplification and expansion together.

However, in Kenjaku’s case, he had all the memories of Geto when he possessed him.

It is possible that these memories don’t come together at the same time, but slowly, something similar to the Senance technique of old lady Ogami.

Where, even after Toji took over Jiro, Ogami’s grandson, he didn’t have all his memories, and they returned slowly, in bits and pieces.

This could also be true in the case of Kenjaku’s cursed technique.

So, after Yuta gains Gojo’s memories, he may be able to fight Sukuna more fluidly.

Will Yuta Become As Strong As Gojo?

After gaining Gojo’s memories, there is a good chance that Yuta will become as strong as Gojo; however, we argue, he may surpass Gojo.

In the entire Jujutsu Kaisen series, we have seen Yuta being referred to as the strongest sorcerer after Gojo, and Gojo himself has said that Yuta has the potential to surpass him.

So now, while possessing Gojo’s body and his cursed technique, and after he gains all Gojo’s memories, Yuta may be able to surpass Gojo Satoru and become the strongest sorcerer.

However, does Yuta have enough time to acquire Gojo’s memories? Will he be able to adapt himself mid-fight, like Gojo and finally defeat Sukuna?

Well, for these, we may have to wait for the coming chapters. Till then, we will share with you our theories regarding Jujutsu Kaisen, so stay tuned to our website.