Jujutsu Kaisen: Did Gojo Satoru Go South Or North After He Died While Fighting Sukuna?

Warning: The following article contains major spoilers from Jujutsu Kaisen manga. Read ahead at your own discretion!

The day when Gojo died, giving everything he had while Sukuna wasn’t even trying sent the fandom into a frenzy. The whole of social media was literally a forest fire, dividing the faction into two groups: one that thought this was in line with Jujutsu Kaisen’s established story and the other went like, “Man this is bullshit. Gege hates Gojo for real!”

While fans huffed on some copium real hard thinking Gojo will eventually come back, Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 261 CONFIRMED once and for all that Gojo IS INDEED dead, and Yuta took over his body to fight Sukuna.

Some folks think that might be an asspull, but we’ve explained in another article that it does make sense within the storyline Gege has established thus far. So do check that out!

But let’s track back for a bit and revisit the chapter where Gojo died. In that chapter,  Nanami states that Gojo has two ways to go in the afterlife: if he wanted to start anew with a new personality (the future), go north, or if he wanted to return to his old self (the past), go south.

(JJK Chapter 236)

Basically, Nanami’s asking whether Gojo has moved on from his earlier life and wants to think about the next or is he still attached to his previous life.

In Nanami’s case, he himself wanted to go south because he always thinks about the past.

But Gojo hasn’t answered it but he gave a hint by quoting what Principal Yaga once told him, “Jujutsu Sorcerers do not die without regrets” and Gojo quoting that shows he did leave some regrets behind before dying and probably wants to rectify them before going north.

So this begs the question.

Will Gojo Satoru Go South Or North?

Gojo most probably went south because there’s a chance that Gojo can come back as himself, even if for a brief period of time. If not to take over himself again, he might guide Yuta to the finish line or save him from dying in Gojo’s body.

Gojo’s cursed energy is strong enough but is under his will. And he can use that to sustain his soul even if his body is shredded to bits, thereby making him barely alive.

Why would Gojo choose to go south?

Let me remind you that a sorcerer is only powerful when they are a little crazy in the head and they take the risk to win; as Gojo said, “Dying to win and risking death to win are completely different.

He was supposed to kill Sukuna by any means necessary because he had been a tool for the Jujutsu world his entire life.

Gojo was dehumanized by his strength, which is why, in Chapter 261, he was reminded of Geto asking him:

“Are you the strongest because you’re Gojo Satoru? Or are you Gojo Satoru because you’re the strongest?”

(JJK Chapter 261)

Even when he got unsealed from the Prison Realm, he took all the blame for the destruction and death upon himself, not even blaming someone like Gakuganji. It was his duty as the strongest, which is why he wanted to be the one to kill all the higher-ups so that there would be no repeat of what happened after the Shibuya incident.

Gojo had always considered this option, as we saw back in chapter 10, but after returning, he knew they had pulled the final straw.

(JJK Chapter 10)

Basically, Gojo had a vision for the future, ensuring its safety for his students and even allowing Gakuganji to step in. His trust in Gakuganji was so profound that he chose not to reveal the intricacies of Principal Yaga’s technique so that Gramps could mentally improve significantly, making him an ideal leader for the Jujutsu Society.

Gojo knew very well there was a monster inside of him. Look no further than the time he fought against Hanami and Jogo in the Shibuya arc.

r/Jujutsufolk - Why Gojo looks so crazy while fighting Jogo and Hanami?

r/Jujutsufolk - Why Gojo looks so crazy while fighting Jogo and Hanami?

r/Jujutsufolk - Why Gojo looks so crazy while fighting Jogo and Hanami?

His eyes tell me he has that narcissistic sense of battle and enjoys causing pain to others, while performing his duty to save his students and people. Gojo didn’t want his students to see him like that, but they knew, and that’s why Yuta insisted that, Gojo shouldn’t be left alone or take all the burden on him.

However, Gojo’s descent into madness also highlights the ambiguous nature of morality in the world of sorcery. To fulfill one’s own dreams, one often must sacrifice the dreams of others—a harsh truth Gojo learned from an early age, raised as he was by the corrupt.

Therefore, as Nanami points out in chapter 236, Gojo used jujutsu for his own gratification. After all, what else did he have to look forward to in life? He had a monumental purpose, yet it was never truly his own.

His sense of self was always intertwined with being the strongest.

This is why Gojo was unfazed when Yuta inquired about taking over his body after death; he was fully committed to victory. This reveals his dehumanization, placing him on the same wavelength as Sukuna. In fact, he echoed Sukuna’s words to Yoruzu.

For both Gojo and Sukuna, defeat is inconceivable—they live for the fulfillment that Jujutsu brings, and they view their bodies as tools to be used at their discretion.

(JJK Chapter 217)

As of right now, it looks like Gojo chose to go south because he dedicated his life to his students, aspiring for them to inherit the Jujutsu world and rule over it with dignity. When he discussed this with Principal Yaga, he expressed, “It’s not enough for me to be strong by myself. I can only save those who are ready to be saved by others.”

dont read jujutsu kaisen — Gojo: saving and choices

The students he has fostered have essentially reached his level in various ways now, like Hakari having better RCT, Maki having better defense, Yuji having better abilities, etc.

Gojo captivated fans, but they might not fully comprehend him. He wanted to be loved and understood, but he felt that even his peers didn’t truly do that.

They called him foolish for not listening, much like how we were in disbelief when he lost the fight. We wanted him back just to satisfy ourselves without considering the harsh reality of sorcery and life. He passed away peacefully, content with his friends, which was what he wanted.

That’s why he said he hopes this isn’t a dream on the airport scene.

(JJK Chapter 236)

It’s this attachment to his previous self that is the reason why he wants to retain that personality and even maybe go back to the mortal realm and help his students out. A final gift from a loving, kind-hearted sensei to make them live a happy, cheerful life devoid of loneliness!

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I hope you appreciate this reasoning. Expect more Jujutsu Kaisen explained topics like these on the site.

Until then, Ja Ne!