One Piece: Did Oda Make Bonney Yonko Level?!

Has Bonney surpassed all those around her and become the second Nika? Her newest transformation looks EXACTLY like Gear 5 and even allows her to shift her body in a similar way to Luffy. But how does this new form stack up to the real thing? Is she just as strong, or is she just a cheap imitation?

To fully understand where Bonney ranks, first we need to understand how this transformation, and by extension her devil fruit, really works. Bonney’s devil fruit allows her to impose her own view of a future or past onto another person – however this isn’t a flawless or all-powerful ability. She is limited both by her own mindset AND by Haki.

If Bonney doesn’t believe that a future is possible, then she completely loses access to that future or transformation – we saw this when her “nika-ish” form failed in the past against Saturn. While normally she could make herself as strong as she believed Nika to be, Saturn got into her head and that “nika-like form” was something she couldn’t believe in anymore.

However, this new transformation is different. Bonney isn’t trying to become Nika, she is simply imagining what a future would be like where she is completely free, and her own ultimate image of freedom is Luffy in Gear 5 – so she emulates that power.

And this being an emulation is a VERY important distinction. She does not simply become as powerful as Luffy, nor does she get his haki – she is just mimicking his freedom; which is why we can see her bend and reshape her body in the same way he does, even if she isn’t as strong as him.

And sure, Bonney is definitely stronger in that form, but that isn’t a special feature of her emulating Nika, it’s the default of her fruit. She is always imagining a future where she is stronger. But stronger isn’t all powerful; but when she wishes for freedom she CAN find that in Nika.

This brings us to haki. As we know, haki is the basis for just about everything when it comes to power in one piece, and Bonney’s fruit is no exception. For example, if she was to try and make shanks into a child, it would either not work OR have considerably shortened effective time because his haki outranks hers so heavily.

At the same time, her own pool of haki – that is to say her will power and belief in herself – dictates the effectiveness of futures she can imagine as well. Even IF she becomes Nika, she only has so much haki, and so after one big attack she is too tired to continue and returns to normal.

While Luffy and Bonney’s fruits have a LOT of similarities, Bonney is definitely not a true second Nika. If we had to compare the two of them, you could consider Luffy as having the ability to reshape the world around him with his fruit, while Bonney has the ability to reshape personal stories or potentials with hers – however, at the end of the day their haki is going to control how effective they are at imposing their imagination onto others.