One Piece: Why Jewelry Bonney Using Haki Makes Sense!

In the latest chapter, 1119, we see Jewelry Bonney attack Luffy, along with Sanji and Franky, in order to help him throw Mars away.

During the attack panel, we see a visual confirmation that Bonney coats her punch with Armament Haki and attacks Luffy.

After which, Luffy says that their attacks hurt him because they are using Haki.

Many fans disliked the fact that Bonney was able to use Haki while characters like Robin, Nami, Franky, and Brook still couldn’t.

Many also began to argue that even Franky could use it after this chapter; however, there was no visual shown for Franky using Haki.

Thus, Franky can still not use Haki, and Bonney can? A twelve-year-old can, but not Nico Robin? Does this make sense?

Short answer: yes, it kind of does, and here’s why.

Captain Bonney Of The Worst Generation

The Worst Generation is a term referring to twelve infamous pirates who emerged before the beginning of the Summit War of Marineford.

They consist of the twelve Supernovas, and Jewelry Bonney is one of them, along with Luffy and Zoro.

Prior to timeskip, none of these pirates knew how to use Haki; however, after timeskip, almost everyone (not including Bonney for argument sake) can use Haki, with the exception of Capone Bege and Urouge (whom we have not seen since timeskip to confirm).

Thus, it does make sense that Bonney may have learned to use Haki during the timeskip.

Furthermore, it is also possible that she was able to use Haki due to her being in Nika form.

Additionally, Bonney spent a lot of her childhood in the New World, along with being the captain of her pirate crew. To survive in the New World, one needs to learn some form of Haki.

Why Does Bonney Have Haki But Not Robin Or Any Other Strawhats?

The first thing to keep in mind is that Haki manifestation is not bound by age, as Aisa, who debuted in the Skypiea Arc, had excellent observation Haki despite being nine years old.

At this point in the story, neither Luffy nor any other supernova from the worst generation knew Haki.

The second thing to understand is that although Haki is dormant in everyone, not everyone will manifest it.

In chapter 597, Rayleigh explains to Luffy that the majority of people live their entire lives without knowing that they can possess Haki. And even those who learn about its existence might never be able to make use of their Haki.

reyleigh explaing Haki

Furthermore, we do not know exactly what Bonney was doing during the two year time period or even after the time skip until she met with Luffy and his crew.

Meanwhile, we saw Sanji trained under Ivankov, who knew how to use Haki, and Zoro trained under Mihawk, arguably the strongest Armament Haki user.

Strawhat just before timeskip

While Ussop worked on improving his sniping skills and his bullet, during this time he learned to use observation haki by himself.

The reason why Nami, Chopper, Robin, and Franky did not learn Haki during the timeskip is simply because of what they did during the timeskip.

While Nami spent her time studying weatheria to prepare for the reckless weather of the New World, Franky spent his time in an abandoned Vegapunk research lab, improving his cyborg abilities.

Chopper spent his time in the Torino Kingdom studying the native plants, while Nico Robin focused on learning Fishman Karate.

And, Brook… He was busy making music and become the Soul King!


As we see, those who did not learn Haki in the strawhat crew focused on things they specialized in.

This is the reason Franky, Robin, Chopper, Broook, and Nami cannot use Haki while Bonney is able to use it.

This is the end of the article and we hope it helped you understand Eiichiro Oda’s world, characters and writing a bit better!