Capítulo 198 de One Punch Man: Sonic y Flashy Flash se enfrentan a los ninjas!

Chapter 198 of the One Punch Man manga continues the fight between Flashy Flash and Speed-O-Sonic fighting against the Ninja Village.

One Punch Man Chapter 198:

The chapter starts with both sides creating their own plans, and Sonic leads the charge, assuming they will try to corner Flashy Flash as he believes he’s stronger.

one punch man sonic

However, he is caught off guard as the ninjas attack him. Meanwhile, two ninjas attack Flashy Flash using a spider curtain.

The wires used are laced with poison and will prevent flash from moving at high speeds. But, Flashy Flash managed to dodge the attack with ease, and the two ninjas ended up trapping themselves!

Flash then covers up for Sonic by breaking the ninjas’ swords with a single kick.

The two swiftly deal with multiple ninjas while bantering. Flashy Flash mocks the ninjas who tried to attack him.

Flashy Flash also explains that they need to keep these ninjas alive because they became humans after the monsterization, hence they could prove important in understanding how to turn monsterized people back into humans!

At the end of the chapter, Flashy Flash says “You idiots still don’t realize…” as we only see his silhouette while he prepares for an attack!

It seems like we’re finally going to see more manga-only content about the monsterization process, which means more screen time for Blast!