Predictions for Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 263: Will Sukuna Die?

Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 262 returned after a long 3-week break, and it delivered the hype.

Fans saw Yuta chanting for Hollow Purple, and Sukuna stopped it right away.

However, this was a meticulous plan by Yuta, as he brings out a recorder using Blue while Sukuna thinks he is safe and Inumaki from the recorder commands, “DON’T MOVE!” stunning the king of curses.

The chapter ends with Yuta chanting for Hollow Purple. Now, the question comes will Sukuna survive Yuta’s hollow purple? Or will Yuta be done for?

In this article, we will share our theories and ideas on this topic.

Will Sukuna Survive Yuta’s Hollow Purple?

In chapter 262, part 2, we see that Yuta is struggling to adjust to Gojo’s long arms and legs, which even Sukuna noticed. Additionally, he has also created hollow purple, which could literally mean game over for Sukuna.

In chapter 230, Sukuna admitted that his winning condition depends on getting rid of Unlimited Void.

Furthermore, in chapter 234, Sukuna said that Gojo’s purple at point blank range would be fatal.

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However, Yuta is still having a hard time adjusting to Gojo’s limitless. And we see Yuta stating that a single body swap training with Gojo was not enough for him to completely grasp Gojo’s cursed technique.

In Part 2 of Chapter 262, we see Gojo scolding Yuta for his inconsistent use of cursed energy.

Furthermore, in chapter 261, Gojo again scolded Yuta for his inefficient use of cursed energy.


Asking why all this matters?

It matters because this will decide if Sukuna will die in the next chapter or not. Furthermore, we see this effect in Yuta’s hollow purple in this chapter. Whenever Gojo uses hollow purple, the blue and red intersect at the center of the purple.

However, in the case of Yuta, the red and blue did not intersect, instead, they touched each other tangentially at a single point.

This leads us to believe that Yuta’s hollow purple will not be as strong as Gojo and may not kill Sukuna.

Will Sukuna Survive?

Reading all that, you must be thinking that Sukuna will win, right? That might not be the case.

Although we think that Sukuna will not die from Yuta’s hollow purple, he will still take a hit from it.

And hollow purple is no joke, even if it’s not as strong as Gojo’s and that’s why it’s still possible that it will damage Sukuna enough that he won’t be able to hold his domain and get hit by Unlimited Void.

If that happens, it may result in Sukuna facing danger.


As Yuta has not yet adjusted to Gojo’s body and his technique, it is possible that his hollow purple may not pack as much punch as Gojo and thus may not kill Sukuna directly.

However, it is still possible that if he gets hit by Yuta’s purple, he may take enough damage that his domain breaks down and he gets hit by Unlimited Void.