Every Major Character That Died In Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Explained

Warning: The following article contains major spoilers from Boruto manga. Read ahead at your own discretion!

Fans of the Big 3 shows have seen it all. Adventure, mystery, fights, politics, and totally bizarre moments that make you laugh out loud and touching moments that make you weep for nights together. Most of those sad moments come from your favorite characters’ deaths.

Death in shonen anime and manga is something we’ve seen quite often, and Naruto or Boruto, isn’t an exception. There isn’t a Narutard who hasn’t cried for Jiraya’s death. That man wasn’t just a stepdad to Naruto, he’s the dad who stepped up and showed him a world Minato wasn’t able to.

Naruto, the series, has quite a lot of emotional moments that fans cherish to this day. Boruto, on the other hand, tried to match that level, but honestly, it felt short. Even after Kishimoto decided to take over.

Nevertheless, there were pretty significant deaths in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations and if you’ve forgotten some of them yourself, then this list will refresh your memory quite a bit!

So strap up for a lengthy listicle of every major character that died in Boruto. This is gonna be a doozy!

Let’s begin with Shin Uchiha, the first character who died in the show.

Shin Uchiha

This budget Walmart Uchiha was Orochimaru’s pet, who scurried away from the Sannin’s grasps. He was Danzo’s favorite pet for experimentation as well, which explains the numerous Sharingans that have been implanted on his body.

Shin Uchiha was raised by Orocohimaru in his childhood, which meant that his perception of the world was already going to be messed up since Orochimaru was savage back then, That guy didn’t care about anything other than his own goals of learning everything about the world.

He seeks to “avenge” Itachi by killing Sasuke, completely overlooking all of Itachi’s crimes against the Uchiha clan.

Instead, he believes that Itachi’s actions were entirely justified and wants to “continue” Itachi’s mission. However, Sasuke notes that Shin doesn’t understand anything about Itachi.

It’s like Shin Uchiha reading only 10 chapters of a manga with 700 chapters and then telling Sasuke he’s wrong. This man really thought he could take on Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura all at the same time pre-nerf? This bitch thinks he’s Kaguya level?!

As you’d expect, Shin and his clones lost horribly. Realizing he needed to retreat, Shin called for his clones to distract Sasuke and his allies. To Shin’s horror, the clones instead stabbed him, plainly explaining that he was not needed any more.

While the clones began battling again, Shin began to teleport and attempted to take the young girls with him through his ugly looking clone, teleporting them.
Sarada, however, acted quickly and destroyed the clone, while Shin died from his injuries.

Kabuto ends up adopting the clones, underscoring the arc’s powerful message about the importance of loving and valuing children.

Children represent the future, and viewing them as mere tools perpetuates a cycle of hatred. In contrast, Naruto demonstrates the opposite approach, even towards the Shin Uchiha clones. Instead of annihilating them when they attempted to kill him, he showed mercy and offered them a chance to live normal lives free from suffering.

Kinshiki Ōtsutsuki

Kinshiki was a member of the Otsutsuki family’s main branch. Before coming to Earth, the two traveled across a few planets and devoured their chakra fruits, gaining more and more power. If you aren’t aware, this is what the Otsutuskis do for a living. Their only objective in life is to run through space, destroy the planet by extracting its Chakra fruit and gain power.

Despite not being the strongest Otsutsuki initially, Kinshiki reached Kaguya’s threat level by consuming numerous chakra fruits, according to Sasuke. He easily restrained a perfect Jinchuriki, battled four Kages simultaneously, and held his own against a serious Sasuke. Kinshiki’s agility and speed allowed him to dodge attacks and counter with deadly precision.

Even so, during their clash with the 5 Kage and Sasuke, Kinshiki and Momoshiki were on the losing side. While Naruto and Sasuke pressured Momoshiki, Kinshiki was captured by the 4 Kages. Despite being considered more dangerous than Kaguya, the Kages’ numerical advantage was overwhelming.

As the situation grew dire, Kinshiki freed himself with a self-injuring attack and then sacrificed himself to Momoshiki, who consumed him to gain immense power. This bizarre act highlights the extreme and unsettling nature of the Otsutsuki clan, where turning a foster parent into a chakra pill mid-battle is a testament to their ruthless quest for strength.

Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki


This ugly-ass mofo Momoshiki, is Kinshiki’s foster son and is stated to be stronger than Kaguya. He could also go toe-to-toe against Naruto and Sasuke fighting as a duo and even pressurize them in one of their strongest forms.

After consuming Kinshiki, Momoshiki transformed significantly and gained immense power, allowing him to overpower Naruto, Sasuke, and the other Kages. Utilizing absorbed Jutsus and his own strength, Momoshiki became a dominant force. Contrary to popular belief, Momoshiki is actually a greater threat than Kaguya, especially after his power boost from consuming his father.

The misconception about their power difference stems from the gradual power creep in the series, as Naruto and Sasuke have had over a decade to refine their abilities. Despite his overwhelming power, Momoshiki’s downfall began when Boruto’s Vanishing Rasengan disrupted his plans, breaking the Shadow Possession Jutsu absorbed from Shikamaru.

Initially, Momoshiki dismissed Boruto’s Rasengan, thinking it had dissipated, but this mistake led to his eventual defeat. The combined efforts of Sasuke’s Amenotejikara and Naruto and Boruto’s Parent and Child Rasengan proved too much for him. Boruto ultimately landed the finishing blow, and Momoshiki died with regrets.

However, this wasn’t the end for Momoshiki. He placed a karma seal on Boruto, making him his vessel and waiting for the Otsutsukification process to complete to revive him. As a parasite, Momoshiki has already inflicted significant damage, including destroying Sasuke’s Rinnegan, which was a key defense against Otsutsuki’s teleportation abilities.

Kagura Karatachi

Kagura, a longtime ally of Boruto and his team, served as the prison warden of Kiri, embracing the role as a chance to genuinely assist in the reformation of others. After aiding Boruto in the defeat of Seiren, who succumbed to her injuries, Kagura became the target of Funamushi’s vengeance. Funamushi’s revenge culminated in an attack on a small village near Kiragakure, where he captured a weakened Kagura and fatally stabbed him through the back in retribution for Seiren’s death.

However, Kagura was laid to rest beneath the tree where he had spent his childhood training, a site he would eventually share with his teammate Hebiichigo following her demise. His sacrifice inspired the villagers near Kiragakure, whom he had died defending, to offer unwavering support to the Shinobi. They were even willing to endure hunger to ensure their defenders were well-fed.

The Akuta

The Akuta are pretty famous, even in the Naruto verse. Yes, some of them even a layman would know! Kurama, Jigen, and Boro—all of them are Akuta. They’re literally just mud, their name literally translates to “trash” in English, after all. While they weren’t of much use in the beginning and the current Tsuchikage rejected the idea after a failed prototype attacked humans, Onoki was met with a glimmer of hope.

Onoki stumbled upon some of White Zetsu’s remains, which a scientist had, and this accelerated the growth of the Akutas. While numerous Akutas were created, a few of them stand out.

Starting with Kurama himself.


I Would be Insanely Surprised if Kurama Never Returns. : r/Naruto

While Isshiki became a meme for generations to come with his death, he did leave a massive scar behind. Due to Isshiki’s overwhelming strength, Naruto and Kurama were forced to use the Baryon Mode, which would cost the two their lives, or so we thought. In the end, Naruto survives the battle, although at a major cost.

Kurama later informs Naruto that his life was never in danger when he used this form!

This power used up all of the chakra that made Kurama, hence, the repercussion of using this power would be the demise of the Nine-Tailed Beast.
And, so it happened.

Usually, when a Jinchuuriki’s bijuu dies or is extracted, the Jinchuuriki dies too. However, as Kurama explained in his dying moments, this does not apply to Naruto. In Naruto’s case, the chakra of Kurama has simply vanished. He has not been extracted.

After being together for more than 30 years, Naruto lost his best friend, the being he shared his body with, and oh boy did it make us cry. Naruto managed to turn this pure form of rage into a supportive and helpful spirit, as it was supposed to be. The two faced death together multiple times and always dragged each other out of harm’s way.

Hell, they even tried to kill each other sometimes, but they grew from that too. In a way, Kurama became a parent himself as he watched over Naruto’s family and the Konoha village with Naruto.

However, all of it came to an end after their battle against Isshiki. This battle brought the old Naruto back to us, that deeply affectionate child who’d never let go of a friend. Hearing Naruto scream for Kurama to come back sent a shiver down everybody’s spine as we all tried our damn best not to cry.

Still, everybody ended up flooding social media websites with edits of Naruto and Kurama and crying their eyes out in the same way they did during the reveal of Itachi’s truth and Jiraiya’s death, marking the end of an era in the Shinobi world.

However, in the latest chapters of Boruto: Two Blue Vortex, we learn that a version of Kurama lives on inside Himawari and she’s able to unleash the power of the Nine-Tailed Fox even better than her father, Naruto!

Isshiki (Jigen)

Jigen’s death is one of the most important in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations because he is regarded as the strongest being in the Narutoverse. He originally came to Earth with Kaguya Otsutsuki, who betrayed him and left him on death’s doorstep.

While she believed that Isshiki would slowly suffer and die, he managed to survive by entering the body of a monk known as Jigen. Over the years, he silently worked to enact his revenge and extract the planet’s chakra fruit.

This desire for revenge bred Kara, an organization similar to the Akatsuki. Over the years, the Kara organization under Jigen’s direction has enjoyed great success.

Jigen’s downfall began with the betrayal of Amado and Kashin Koji, forcing Isshiki to resurrect in Jigen’s body. Jigen’s frail form couldn’t handle the surge of Isshiki’s chakra, putting a timer on Isshiki’s existence. While Jigen didn’t seem physically imposing, Isshiki was the opposite.

In the series, Isshiki barged into Konoha, searching for Kawaki. He was then dragged into a battle by Boruto, Naruto and Sasuke, where he became the only one to ever witness Naruto’s greatest power, the Baryon Mode.

Still, Isshiki met his end at the hands of Kawaki, as the latter bamboozled Isshiki into implanting a shadow clone with the Karma seal after getting his alien cheeks clapped by Naruto’s godly Baryon Mode!


ellenség lepárlás marhahús boro kara Sikoltás Mellény hely

Boro instantly became a massive threat in the Boruto universe, as Naruto had been sealed and Sasuke was severely injured. Boro was a Kage level threat, whom Jigen entrusted with the now-sealed Naruto.

As a person, he’s no good. Just like every other Kara member, Boro is concerningly confident in his abilities and is extremely self-centered. He openly considered himself as a man chosen by God.

Simultaneously, he is willing to disobey orders he does not agree with, concealing the truth for his own benefit. His shameless character was also revealed to be incredibly manipulative in the anime, poisoning people and then saving them to convert them to his cult’s blind followers.

Despite knowing that his abilities are a ruse, he convinces himself that he is a true miracle worker who can save the world through his actions.

His one and only major fight was against the new Team 7, which included Kawaki. During this fight, he showcased a high level of intelligence, and well, cockiness as well. While he had the new team 7 on their last legs almost instantly, the group managed to regroup themselves and started strategizing.

With Sarada’s Sharingan, they figured out the reason for their fatigue, a virus and Mitsuki created an effective antidote too! All that was left was to kill him, which was easier said than done!

His scientifically enhanced healing abilities rivaled those of Naruto and the like, allowing him to regenerate more than half of his body almost in an instant!

Sarada came in clutch again with the help of her Sharingan and located Boro’s core, which allowed him to heal in an instant.

She then blitzed across the area and tore through him to grab his core and destroy his core, which left him unable to control himself as he rampaged away in the distance in his gigantic form.

Then, they proceeded to unseal Naruto successfully, and just when they were about to leave, Boro started attacking them in his gigantic stage. While he seemed invincible, something unexpected happened.

As you’d remember, Momoshiki woke up! He took over Boruto, gave Boro a beating for a lifetime and killed him with a massive Rasengan!


Ao is a well-respected character from Naruto Shippuden, and the only non-Hyuga with a Byakugan. As we get to know more about the “war veteran” Ao and how he survived, he also plays the role of a plot device to create a conflict in Boruto’s mind regarding the Scientific Ninja Tools.

It is later revealed that Ao is actually an outer Kara who serves as a connection for Kara and their outside sources.

This led to a battle between him and Team 7, alongside another Jonin named Mugino. During their fight, Mugino was killed by Ao, and the rest had to continue fighting in order to defeat Ao.

After creating an array of complex strategies, the team managed to defeat Ao. As Boruto approached him with rage-filled eyes and a screwdriver in his hand, Ao expected a gruesome death at the very least.

However, he was caught by surprise, as he was met with sympathy and encouragement. Boruto dropped a screwdriver near him and told him to fix himself, as he was a war hero. If it isn’t obvious already, Boruto gave him a screwdriver to refer to the Scientific Ninja Tools, since they’re the reason behind Ao’s madness in the first place.

At this very moment, Ao saw Kashin Koji’s summoning and pushed Boruto away with his water-style jutsu, saving him while he was crushed to death by Koji’s toad.


Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: Part 1 - Boruto's Wish (2018) - (S1E81) -  Backdrops — The Movie Database (TMDB)

The best clay boy of all time, Akkun! Akkun was a small Akuta who was considered to be a defect. He was the same size as a house pet and didn’t hold many aggressive tendencies.

In fact, he grew very close to Inojin Yamanaka, whom he seemed to have considered his parent. When Inojin was captured by Kirara, Akkun ran around frantically searching for Inojin and did make it into the facility in Iwa where Inojin was kept.

There, he attacked Kokuyo and served as bait, allowing Chocho to land a finishing blow. However, his mask was broken into pieces. While in Inojin’s arms, he took his last words as he took his “parent’s name,” and his mask shattered into pieces.

I’m not gonna lie, I cried when this happened, and I should’ve never cried at this, People die in anime all the time but Akkun was such a good boy, I couldn’t help it!


Boruto: Naruto Next Generations" Tsuranuku kokoro (TV Episode 2019) - IMDb

If Shin was a wannabe Uchiha, then Kirara is a wannabe human!

This Akuta, who’d simply called her comrades who died in battle “weak,” did manage to create a lot of trouble for Team 7, but did she meet her end eventually.

She fought Sarada and Boruto while Ku was trying to heal his wounds, and well, she seemed to be having fun as she was at an advantage due to her giant Akuta. However, Sarada noticed that she had her guard down and struck Kirara with her genjutsu and she did the same.

Sarada was the victor this time, allowing her to temporarily freeze Kirara. During this time, Sarada attacked Kirara with her Lightning Ball Jutsu, while Boruto destroyed the giant Akuta with the help of Garaga.

Kirara then died from a falling chunk of the giant Akuta’s body. Her end seems quite simple for someone as sadistic as her, to be honest.


Introduced as a grumpy, old man, Onoki found his way into the hearts of the people easily! He played a huge role in the 4th Great Shinobi War, both in the 5 Kage meetings and on the battlefield as well!

However, nobody would ever believe that he’s a good person from the start. He’s just another stuck-up geezer whom nobody would care about. But, he does have a change of heart during the meeting as he witnesses Gaara’s conviction, which he had lost after fighting a certain Shinobi.

This shinobi is none other than the great Madara Uchiha, the only one who could fight on par with the God of Shinobi, Hashirama Senju. Having survived in battle against THE Madara Uchiha is something that only he could boast about before the 4th Shinobi War, so you know that this guy is quite strong.

Things seemed to be moving quite well when he ran tests in secret. In fact, the results were so good that he was sure they could convince the current Tsuchikage to use them in battle instead of humans! However, his plan backfired as the artificial beings “malfunctioned” and tried to attack the Shinobis around the test facility instead.

Things went from bad to worse as his prototypes ended up having a heart of their own, which goes against his ideals, since these prototypes won’t remain “heartless machines.” Moreover, these human-obsessed killing machines tried a coup d’etat in Iwagakure.

Onoki persisted in trying to mend things till the very end. However, when his “son” Ku attacked him along with Boruto and the others with a fatal attack again, Onoki felt that his plan really had gone down the drain. Hence, he used almost every bit of energy left in his old, frail body to use an Atomic release Jutsu which eviscerated Ku.



Urashiki was the third Otsutsuki who came to Earth with Momoshiki and Kinshiki Otsutsuki. When he saw his brethren die in the Shinobi world, he decided to take a step back and go into hiding for a while.

He re-emerged and tried to control One-Tails but failed. Then, he attempted to manipulate young Naruto, thinking it would be easier. However, Boruto and Sasuke tracked him down there too!

Urashiki faced a fierce battle against Naruto, Boruto, Sasuke, and Jiraiya. In the climax, Boruto and Naruto hit him with a Rasengan assault. Though they thought he was defeated, he persisted, consuming all his reserves and even his own eyes for more power, transforming into a true monster.

He overpowered them but spared their lives, aiming to extract Nine-Tails’ power after savoring Jiraiya, Sasuke, and Boruto’s final moments. Nine-Tails manifested, causing Naruto to rampage, but Boruto reached him in time, helping him tame the cloak mode. This echoed the scene where Minato helped Naruto control Nine-Tails’ chakra.

The Rasengan that the two formed was the final blow dealt to Momoshiki, which resulted in his death. In the same way, Boruto helped his father create a Rasengan, which also served as the final blow to an Otsutsuki! The two of them then mastered this combo attack with the help of Jiraiya and Sasuke and the Jutsu completely obliterated Urashiki!


Several characters met grisly ends at the hands of their opponents’ Jutsus, but none more disturbing than Kara’s own sociopath, Deepa, who died not once, but twice.

In his initial clash with Team 7, Deepa easily defeated them. However, their second encounter was different. While Deepa was intent on instilling despair, Team 7 dealt with the falling God Tree. Distracted, Deepa was struck by the Super Compression Rasengan and crushed by debris.

This first death was classic yet brutal, being crushed and suffering slowly. But how did he die again? After Victor’s blunders, he blamed the now-dead Deepa, hoping to escape Kara’s wrath.

Jigen, however, had Amado reactivate Deepa’s brain to uncover the truth. Once exposed, Jigen ordered Kashin Koji to eliminate Victor. For Deepa, Jigen instructed Amado to dissolve his brain, rendering him completely lifeless for the final time.


Victor was a Kara Inner, and the weakest one out of the Inners. He was a selfish old man who really only cared about his personal gain. Even during his time at Kara, he kept stealing information under Jigen’s nose to feed his personal goals.

He even planned on using the vessel for his personal use! Victor did his best to plan every action so as to not garner any unnecessary attention, especially from Jigen. However, things went south after the vessel carrier crashed.

While fingers were pointed at him, he declined the claims and somehow framed the now-dead Deepa at fault for many things.

Unfortunately for Victor, Jigen made Amado use Deepa’s brain to tell him the real truth, which revealed Victor’s actions of stealing data and much more. He was then burned alive by Kashin Koji.


Here Are 5 Naruto Characters Who Become Cooler in Boruto! | Dunia Games

Mugino, a dedicated Konoha Jonin, partnered with Konohamaru for many years. Their mission to inspect a crashed ship’s wreckage took a dangerous turn when Mugino was injured by one of Kara’s puppets. Konohamaru rescued him, retreating to a cave to treat his wounds.

Leaving Mugino in the cave, Konohamaru regrouped with Team 7 and Doctor Katasuke. Upon their return, they were ambushed by the war veteran Ao. Unprepared for Ao’s abilities and confined in the cave, Team 7 struggled. Mugino bravely seized Ao from behind, but was fatally impaled by a hidden chakra rod.

Despite his mortal wound, Mugino ensured his comrades’ escape, collapsing the cave while restraining Ao to buy them crucial time. His sacrifice was vital for the mission’s success and the future of Konoha.

Well, that’s about it for the most important deaths in Boruto. This list will probably be an eye-opener for people who diss Boruto as this Disney-ass show with hardly any brutality. I mean, we’ve seen so many fake deaths in One Piece but hardly anyone seems to be pointing them out. Selective criticism, innit?