My Hero Academia: Villains Who Actually Died!

My Hero Academia is the perfect example of a classic shonen that teaches lessons to young boys about forgiveness and redemption. However, it also teaches that sometimes, things might go too far and there is no recovering from that. 

While most villains survive, MHA managed to keep the stakes high with the well-timed deaths of a few antagonists.

Here are some villains that actually died in My Hero Academia: 


Among the most original villains in this series was Stain. He had no interest in harming innocent people or wreaking needless havoc, in contrast to other villains. 


Furthermore, although living up to his moniker as the “Hero Killer,” he also targets other evildoers. Ultimately, his mission was to rid the world of phony heroes and villains who are motivated solely by fame and fortune.

Stain’s quirk was definitely the least strong of the villains on this list. Ultimately, the only use for it was to immobilize his opponents for a short while after consuming their blood. 

But it was his incredible fighting instinct, his never-ending attacks, his bottomless bloodlust, and his steadfast commitment to his principles that made him so deadly. 

Stain was held captive in Tartarus for most of the narrative, only to be freed during the Paranormal Liberation War. Near the end of the Final War arc, All-for-One killed him later.


Twice was a founding member of the League of Villains. He was a devoted and laid-back individual who would do everything Shigaraki requested of him. 

twice mha

Double was his quirk, which gave him the ability to clone anything and everyone, including himself. This meant that Twice could become a one-man army if he so desired, making defeating him exceedingly difficult—even for elite heroes like Hawk.

Beneath his humor and laid-back demeanor, Twice struggled with severe depression, anxiety, and borderline personality disorder throughout his life.

Being part of the League of Villains was his anchor to sanity, and he viewed its members as his family.

This made Hawks’ betrayal especially painful for him. During the Paranormal Liberation War arc, Twice unleashed the full power of his quirk in his fight against Hawks, coming close to defeating him. However, in the end, he lost his life to the No. 2 Hero.


Nine was the main antagonist in the second My Hero Academia movie, “My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising.” His quirk, Weather Manipulation, was among the most powerful in the series.

nine mha

However, his body was too weak to handle its immense power. Seeking to overcome this weakness and achieve his goal of a world ruled by the super-strong, Nine volunteered to be part of Dr. Garaki’s bioengineering experiments, which yielded impressive results.

Nine became the first individual capable of replicating All-for-One’s quirk-stealing ability, allowing him to store eight different quirks, in addition to his original one.

This led to a confrontation with Deku and Bakugo. Despite the intensity of the battle, the young heroes ultimately defeated him. Nine narrowly escaped, only to be disintegrated by Shigaraki shortly after.

Tomura Shigaraki: 

Tomura Shigaraki held multiple titles throughout his life, including leader of the League of Villains, Grand Commander of the Paranormal Liberation Front, and successor to All-for-One. 

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As a child, he accidentally killed his own family, leading to a life filled with suffering and tragedy. Over time, he developed a cynical and destructive worldview. His possession of one of the deadliest quirks further contributed to his extreme danger.

From the moment they met, Tomura Shigaraki became obsessed with Izuku Midoriya, viewing him as both a counterpart and a nemesis. This led to numerous life-threatening battles between them throughout the story. 

During the Final War arc, Shigaraki managed to seize control of All-for-One’s power, causing massive destruction and killing countless people. Midoriya and Bakugo nearly lost their lives trying to stop him. Ultimately, Midoriya defeated Shigaraki by sacrificing the most important thing in his life. As Shigaraki’s body disintegrated, he looked into Midoriya’s eyes one last time and smiled.


Most of the villains on this list have a reason or motivation behind their actions. Some, like Twice and Shigaraki, have tragic pasts, while others, like Nine and Stain, are driven by twisted ideals. 

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However, this isn’t the case with All-for-One (AFO). He was born evil. As a baby, he consumed his own mother, and by the time he was a young boy, he had already begun killing indiscriminately. Once he discovered his ability to steal other people’s quirks, nothing could stop his murderous rampage. There was never a time in his life when he wasn’t evil.

From creating Nomus to grooming Shigaraki as his successor, All-for-One (AFO) meticulously prepared to ensure his eternal reign of terror. 

However, many heroes were still willing to sacrifice their lives to thwart his malicious plans. The two sides clashed in the Final War arc, resulting in a prolonged and epic battle with numerous heroic casualties. 

Even the quirkless All Might joined the fight, nearly losing his life. Over time, the accumulated damage began to weaken AFO. Ultimately, a severely injured Bakugo delivered the final blow, killing the evil mastermind. When Deku defeated Shigaraki soon after, every trace of AFO was finally eradicated from the earth.

Each villain on this list is powerful and evil in their own way, but none can match the level of power and malevolence that All-for-One possessed. 

However, they all share one common outcome: their deaths make the world a safer and more peaceful place for everyone.