One Piece: Which Straw Hat Is The Strongest Drinker? Ranking Straw Hats According To Their Alcohol Tolerance

A lot of folks would love to know which Straw Hat in One Piece is the strongest or most intelligent. But this time, it’s gonna be different.

We’re going to see which Straw Hat drinks the best, basically ranking them according to their alcohol tolerance.

In the world of One Piece, where swashbuckling pirates sail the seas in search of adventure and treasure, it’s no surprise that many characters enjoy indulging in a good cup of sake. Drinking is often seen as a way to bond, celebrate victories, and even drown sorrows among these seafaring adventurers.

Despite the frequent appearances of drinking scenes in the series, fans had been left to wonder just how well each member of the Straw Hat crew could handle their alcohol—until now.

Eiichiro Oda and the staff members behind the One Piece manga have finally provided fans with an official ranking of the Straw Hat Pirates based on their drinking abilities in the new Egghead arc Vivre cards. This ranking reveals who among the beloved crew members can hold their liquor the best, and the results are quite surprising.

You may think the best drinker amongst the Straw Hat pirates is Roronoa Zoro but it’s not! So strap in for a doozy of a ride and read until the end to find the answer!

10. Tony Tony Chopper

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As you’d guessed, the weakest Straw Hat in One Piece in terms of alcohol tolerance is Tony Tony Chopper, the crew’s doctor and reindeer. Given his small size and youthful nature, Chopper has a very low tolerance for alcohol, which is why he tries to avoid it as much as possible and hence we rarely see him drink. His transformations do little to aid him in this area, making him the lightweight of the crew.

9. Monkey D. Luffy

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Luffy may be the strongest of the Straw Hat pirates in terms of overall strength but he is weak when it comes to his drinking capacity. We don’t see him drink that much but when he does, it’s usually in celebration, and he tends to get drunk quickly. His playful and carefree nature means he prefers meat and juice over alcohol, placing him lower on the list.

He has stated in the manga he doesn’t like alcohol that much, so that shows how much he loves to eat than drink.

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8. Usopp

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Usopp may be a God in the world of pirates and combat but not really when it comes to drinking. Known for his cautious nature and occasional cowardice, Usopp is not a frequent drinker. But when he does partake, his lower tolerance quickly becomes apparent.

That’s why he enjoys a drink now and then, especially during celebrations, but he is not known for his drinking prowess. His preferred choice is Fireball, a drink which is known to be more spicier than others.

7. Brook

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Despite being a skeleton, Brook has a curious ability to consume and enjoy alcohol. His penchant for singing and playing music often accompanies his drinking, making him a lively addition to any drinking session.

While he does enjoy a good drink, he is not shown to be a heavy drinker. His skeletal body might play a role in his moderate drinking habits, and he often opts for tea over alcohol.

However, his preferred choice of drink is whiskey, which he drank a lot while playing piano with his old crew.

6. Nico Robin

Nico Robin - Anime, One Piece, Robin

Robin is a sheer beauty from the outside and quite intelligent on in the inside. That’s why she’s the crew’s archaeologist and needs to keep her sobriety in check in order to keep her friends safe.

Her calm demeanor and intellectual nature extend to her drinking habits. Robin’s preference for wine and White Russian, a vodka based drink, and her ability to maintain composure while drinking make her a formidable contender in the crew’s drinking hierarchy.

5. Sanji

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Entering the top 5 is Sanji, the pro-chef and wine connoisseur. Known for his refined tastes and culinary expertise, Sanji approaches drinking with the same sophistication he applies to his cooking. His appreciation for fine wines and spirits, combined with a respectable tolerance, earns him a high rank on the list.

While he has a decent tolerance, it’s not as high as Zoro’s or Franky’s, who are seen having a lot more beer than him.

4. Franky

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Posing hard on number 4 is SUPER FRANKY! His cyborg enhancements might play a role in his alcohol tolerance, though his preference for cola over alcohol means he doesn’t often participate in heavy drinking.

However, he loves to party hard and chug down some Rum & Coke, the ultimate cool grandpa drink!

3. Nami

Despite her slim build and focus on maintaining control, Nami has shown a surprising tolerance for alcohol and she loves to drink Screwdriver, which is made with more oranges and less vodka. Her ability to outdrink many of her male counterparts is a testament to her hidden strengths and resilience. There was one time where she’s able to outdrink 14 people at once during the Whiskey Peak arc and still act sober, while only pretending to be drunk.


It was basically a drinking contest that Nami was asked to participate in. Zoro joins Nami, while Sanji, Usopp, and Luffy are busy with their own shenanigans. In the end, Nami wins the contest by defeating the last contestant.

The first time we were introduced to Nami, we saw her having a drinking contest with Buggy’s crew and winning pretty easily. Her plan was to get them drunk so that she could steal their loot.

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However, her tolerance isn’t unlimited, as there were some instances where she reached her limit. Like this one:


Which is why we come to the Samurai of the Straw Hat crew!

2. Roronoa Zoro

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Of course, being a Samurai man, Zoro loves his sake and seems to have a great tolerance for it.

He is often seen drinking large quantities of alcohol without any apparent effects on his behavior or combat abilities. His high tolerance is frequently showcased in various arcs, and he seems to enjoy a good drink, making him a top contender for a drinking contest.

However, there’s one person who reigns supreme over the Samurai and that is none other than Jinbei!

1. Jinbei

Just a reminder that Jimbe showed up in Wano at the perfect time and place  to join the battle without even knowing a battle was going to take place.  Also he didn't

Jinbei loves his Tequila, one of the strongest drinks commonly available and he loves to have it a lot. But what makes him the BEST DRINKER among the Straw Hat pirates is his ENORMOUS CAPACITY.

Jinbei is a whale shark fisherman and likely has a much larger liver to handle his booze compared to Zoro and Nami. Plus, fishmen tend to have bigger capacities and tolerance for alcohol.

What’s more, the dude is literally 9’11”! HE’S FREAKING HUGE. AND HIS LIVER MUST BE BIGGER THAN ONE’S STOMACH!

So what do you think of this list? It’s the official ranking by Oda himself so don’t be mad at me if you disagree.

Until next time, Ja ne!