Dragon Ball Daima Plot Leaks Reveal A Major Conspiracy In The Demon Realm!

Dragon Ball Daima, Akira Toriyama’s final project he worked on before passing away, is set to release sometime in October 2024 and fans can’t wait to see how it’ll turn out. But before that, we got some early leaks about the storyline, courtesy of Geekdom101, and you’ll not believe what Toriyama has been cooking for us!

For years, Dragon Ball fans have been wanting to know more about the Demon Realm. We know some stuff about it in guidebooks and have seen a glimpse of it during an episode of Dragon Ball Z, where Dabura fights against Gohan.

The Demon Realm is a completely separate place from the other realms but it is still part of Universe 7.

However, the leaks claim that the plot of Dragon Ball Daima begins right where Majin Buu killed Dabura, the King of the Demon Realm, in Dragon Ball Z. And right at the start of the trailer for Daima, we see this little guy accompanied by what looks like the Makaioshin or the Supreme Kai counterpart for the Demon Realm.

Theory :dragon ball Daima is about the demon realm | Fandom

Basically, after the Dabura’s demise, the little guy (whose name is not revealed yet) is set to take over his position as the new King of the Demon Realm, with the Makaioshin helping him. However, the other demons in the Demon Realm say “Naah you ain’t becoming king.” so the main focus of the story is the demons plotting a conspiracy against the little guy and each of them fight against each other for the throne of the Demon King.

Goku gets dragged into this by a demon, who wants the Saiyan to kill the little guy, paving the way for other demons to get their hands on the throne.

However, the most startling revelation given in the leaks is that the Makaioshin will create a new version of Majin Buu! Yes, a new form of Majin Buu stronger than what we’ve seen before, (including the manga), is set to appear in Dragon Ball Daima.

We have no idea how this will be possible, considering Majin Buu has been around since time immemorial. And only Bibidi, Babidi’s father, knows how to awaken Majin Buu or put him back into an egg.

Nevertheless, the leaker mentioned that this Game of Thrones kinda storyline is something Toriyama hasn’t done before and it’s quite different from Dragon Ball GT, the series fans use to compare Dragon Ball Daima with.

Despite the lack of promotion for Daima, Bandai Namco UK’s Brand Manager affirms that the new series will have a lot of surprises in store for both new and old fans alike.

Dragon Ball Daima was first announced at New York Comic Con 2023 where they revealed the first trailer and the 2nd trailer was unveiled at the DRAGON BALL Game Battle Hour 2024 event in Jan 2024.

According to rumors, Dragon Ball Daima will run for 20 odd episodes and the singer for Dragon Ball’s 1st opening theme “Makafushigi Adventure!, Hiroki Takahashi, will sing the opening theme song for the upcoming series.

About Dragon Ball:

Dragon Ball is a manga series by Akira Toriyama. It first began its serialization in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in 1984.

The manga was later adapted into a multitude of animated series, movies, and games.

The franchise consists of five different anime series, about 21 animated movies, and around 10 games spanning various platforms, from Famicon to Playstation and Xbox.

Synopsis of the Dragon Ball anime:

Goku Son is a young boy who lives in the woods all alone—that is, until a girl named Bulma runs into him in her search for a set of magical objects called the “Dragon Balls.”

Since the artefacts are said to grant one wish to whoever collects all seven, Bulma hopes to gather them and wish for a perfect boyfriend.

Goku happens to be in possession of a dragon ball, but unfortunately for Bulma, he refuses to part ways with it, so she makes him a deal: he can tag along on her journey if he lets her borrow the dragon ball’s power.

With that, the two set off on the journey of a lifetime.

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