The Misfit of Demon King Academy II’s Last 3 Episodes Delayed

On Saturday, the official website for The Misfit of Demon King Academy II  anime revealed that the staff are delaying the final three episodes of the season.

The delayed episodes are from episodes 22-24.

On June 21, channels will rerun an audio commentary of episode 19.

On June 28 and July 3, respectively, episodes 22 and 23 will be shown. The crew will provide the episode 24 airdate at a later date.

The anime’s second season’s first episode aired in January 2023.

Because of the effect of the rising number of COVID-19 infections on the anime’s production schedule, episodes 7 and later were postponed.

Then, in July 2023, the anime sequel resumed airing. In February 2023, Crunchyroll started offering the English dub of the anime season for streaming.

Thirteen episodes from the first season of the anime debuted in July 2020. As the anime aired in Japan, it was streamed on Crunchyroll.

In April 2017, Shu published the novel series on the Shōsetsu ni Narō website.

Source: ANN