Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Chapter 7 Spoilers: Boruto Reunites With Mitsuki, Shikamaru Realizes The Truth

The spoilers for chapter 7 of the Boruto: Two Blue Vortex manga are here, and it shows off Boruto’s insane growth as he meets Mitsuki and helps Shikamaru realize the truth!

The spoilers are long, so buckle up to read!

Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Manga Spoilers:

According to the spoilers, the chapter starts with Mitsuki thinking about him being the moon, and how he needs Kawaki to be his “sun”.

However, he realized he must protect his sun and take major steps.

The chapter shifts to Boruto and Mitsuki fighting. It is then revealed that Mitsuki used the poison from his snakes to knock Kawaki unconscious.

Mitsuki states that Kawaki is not a rival to him and that he understands Boruto’s power. He asks Boruto to go all out, as the two truly start fighting.

Through a quick fight, Boruto manages to overpower Mitsuki with rather ease. The fight ends with Boruto’s blade on Mitsuki’s neck.

The latter wants Boruto to end him, but Boruto refuses. He talks about how Mitsuki wants to kill Boruto, but for some reason, he can’t bring himself to do it.

Boruto continues to talk about the conflict in Mitsuki’s head, about Kawaki being the sun.

Ino is shocked by Boruto’s empathy, stating that it is too dangerous for anybody to let their guard down like this.

Boruto declares that he is Mitsuki’s sun, causing Mitsuki to use a snake on Boruto. However, Boruto’s wonder resonates with Mitsuki, who lets Boruto go.

During this, Boruto also states that the conflict between him and Kawaki will be solved eventually, as they’re brothers in the end.

Boruto also clarifies that both Naruto and Hinata are alive and safe.

The manga also shows Kawaki, who is stressed after learning of Mitsuki’s actions through Eida.

After escaping, Boruto talks to Shikamaru, who has been listening to everything so far. Now, Shikamaru has also realized that Eida helped Kawaki by transforming everybody’s memories with her powers.

He comes to the conclusion that Boruto needs to remain a fugitive for now, as any sudden reveal would only make matters worse.

Shikamaru also states that the most optimal route is to kill Kawaki, but Boruto states that he can’t do that.

According to the spoilers, we then see one of the Otsutsukis reading books, gaining knowledge about the shinobi world. He is extremely fixated on Naruto Uzumaki after hearing the stories about him.

The chapter ends here.