Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 253 Spoilers: Sukuna Killed Maki?!

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 253 spoilers are out, and Sukuna landed a Black Flash on Maki!

Disclaimer: These are spoilers and not official releases. Kindly read it with a grain of salt.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 253 Spoilers:

The chapter begins with a small flashback regarding the strongest first-grade sorcerer.

Mei Mei votes for Kusakabe, while Nanami says that it depends on the situation but agrees that Kusakabe is the strongest grade 1 sorcerer.

Gojo also votes for Kusakabe, and Kusakabe says it’s someone other than him or Usami.

The chapter then jumps back to Maki vs. Sukuna, where Maki ducks and evades another slash from Sukuna.

Both engage in the fight as the building that Sukuna destroyed falls on them.

Cars parked in the crashing building’s parking lot begin to fall out, and Sukuna uses them to hide his slashes behind them.

Although Maki defends against the slashes, but she gets thrown off by the impact of the car. Sukuna grabs Maki and attacks her with cleave, however, Ino enters the battle and tries to attack.

Sukuna immediately releases slashes towards him to cancel out Ino’s attack, and then kicks him.

The moment Sukuna realized that Ino did not have Nanami’s weapon, Kusakabe attacked Sukuna with Nanami’s 7:3 ratio technique.

However, Sukuna tanks the attacks, as he has already realized their plan. Maki re-enters the battle.

She thinks that even if Yuta survives, they will face problems if the battle continues for too long.

So she decides to end this quickly.

The narrator says, “After Gojo’s death, Kashimo, Higuruma, and Yuta entertained Sukuna with their gem-like talents in Jujutsu.

But Sukuna desired to face Maki the most, the one who threw away her Jujutsu with Heavenly Restriction.

The King of Cursed was excited for this reality.

Maki slices off a pillar and kicks it towards Sukuna. However, the Sukuna instant vanishes from his place and grabs Maki with high speed.

The force throws them off the building.

He praises Maki for not being like Yuji and shaving off everything. True nothingness.

Sukuna then attacks Maki. As his attack tears off a part of Maki’s face, Sukuna shouts in excitement,

“This fight will determine! Which is more worthy of polishing?! Is it Jujutsu or a physical body!?

It’s the first time that someone has breached a duty to me!!”

Meanwhile, Maki notices that Sukuna has stopped healing himself with reverse cursed technique.

Sukuna states that Jujutsu is merely the skin and the meat, but Maki’s body is the true bone and essence.

Sukuna excitedly shouts at Maki, saying her existence alone defies Jujutsu.

And then, Sukuna hits Maki with a Black Flash!

Kusakabe then says,

“What? Are you kidding me… Am I actually the last one standing? Where’s Itadori? Choso? Well, Mei Mei probably won’t come out!!

Shit! If there was 0 chance of victory, I could’ve retrated already!!

But I’ve come this far already; I kind of have to fight him, right?”

And with this shaky resolve, Kusakabe tries to confront Sukuna, but he thinks,” Am I really going to do it? Me kill Sukuna?”

The chapter ends with the editor commenting, “What… for real?”. The Jujutsu Kaisen manga will be on a break next week.