Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 263: Yuta Launches Hollow Purple On Sukuna!!!

The spoilers for Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 263 are out, and they are fire!!!!!!

Disclaimer: These are spoilers and not official releases. Kindly read it with a grain of salt.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 263 Spoilers:

The cover features an illustration of Rika crying while holding Yuta’s original lifeless body.

One thing to note is that the officials are calling this chapter the second part of Chapter 262.

We learn that Yuta is unable to use any other cursed technique other than Gojo’s limitless right now.

He also notices that since the time Sukuna lost his arm, he has not used his world cutting slashes.

Yuta believes that Sukuna doesn’t have other ways to overcome limitless other than domain amplification right now.

Yuta lifts Sukuna up, kicks him away and then lands a punch on Sukuna’s head.

Although Yuta is able to fight Sukuna right now, he is having a hard time adjusting to Gojo’s longer arms and legs.

Yuta knows that he cannot master limitless with just one swap training. He says, “Now I understand why the six eyes is needed for limitless.”

Yuta then remembers Gojo saying that its okay and that he is the strongest, and thinks how much it must have taken Gojo to say that confidently.

Sukuna, meanwhile, notices that Yuta is struggling with Gojo’s cursed technique, asks Yuta if he really has time for this, and punches him away.

Kenjaku had already informed Sukuna regarding Yuta’s cursed technique. Kenjaku shared that he believes that to copy someone’s cursed technique, Rika needs to consume a body or a part of it .

However, Sukuna wonders if Yuta can use cursed techniques he has copied but realises that Yuta can only use Gojo’s limitless technique for now.

Sukuna wonders how long Yuta’s copy technique would last and what would happen if Kenjaku’s cursed technique ends.

Will Yuta still have Gojo’s body? What if Yuta hasn’t even thought about what would happen after this fight.

Sukuna slowly realises what Yuta’s plan might be as he remembers Gojo’s hollow purple.

The chapter then features a really small flashback after the swap training.

Gojo takes a dig at Yuta, saying his cursed enegery is too inconsistent. However, he gets immediately rebuked by Maki, saying that Gojo is too strict on Yuta. Panda and others also join in and defend Yuta.

Yuta then began chanting for Hollow Purple, but Sukuna immediately grabs a hold of Yuta’s arms and undo the signs and punches him away.

Yuta then uses Blue, and suddenly a recorder flies near Sukuna. Holding the voice of Inumaki’s scream, the voice of the recorder says, “DONT MOVE!”

Sukuna freezes in shock as Yuta finishes the chant and loads Hollow Purple! It is now ready to fire at Sukuna at any moment.