My Hero Academia Chapter 416 Spoilers: Deku Has The World On His Back! Shigaraki Defeated?!

The spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 416 are HERE! And boy, is it a BIG chapter! Shigaraki rejecting One For All in the previous chapter might cost him the fight as Deku gets the support of the entire world as they watch him deal the big blow to Shigaraki. A blow so powerful that it sends him and the readers into Nana Shimura’s flashback.

Is this the end of the mighty leader of the League of Villains? Stay tuned to find out!

Disclaimer: These are spoilers and not official releases. Kindly read it with a grain of salt.

My Hero Academia Chapter 416 Spoilers:

According to @RukasuMHA on Twitter (X), My Hero Academia Chapter 416 is titled “Force Your Way Through, Izuku Midoriya!!”

The chapter begins with Deku attempting another strike at Shigaraki. But Horikoshi went “hold up” and transitioned to Eri, declaring she needed to help Deku by healing him, just like how she did against Overhaul. However, Ectoplasm tells her he’s hundreds of kilometers away. There’s no way she would reach him.

She suggests using the underground transportation system, but it’s been damaged by Dabi, Machia and AFO.

Besides, she hasn’t gathered enough energy on her horn yet; even if she could get to him, she’d be useless. She attempted to repair Aizawa’s eye and leg a while ago, but she was unable to do it precisely because she lacked energy.

Ectoplasm understands how she feels, but all they can do for now is trust Deku. The panel shows a comparison of Deku from the point of view of his friends and the Deku now who currently battles Shigaraki.

We then cut to another flashback of Eri telling Deku about her dream, which makes him very happy and motivated to do even better. She begins to cry, but Kouta takes her hand. If you don’t remember, Kouta is the kid who once detested heroes but whom Deku saved from Muscular in Season 3. Kouta claims Deku is always weeping, which inturn motivates him because he is also a crybaby.

We see that civilian who didn’t want to let Deku back into U.A. He’s watching the fight and remembering the promise Deku made: “we’ll bring it all back.”

The scene then moves to the other folks at U.A. We see Class 1-A after a long time, starting with Yayurozu. Monoma is being transported on a stretcher, and Fukidashi is concerned about him. Meanwhile, Yayurozu is assisting Kaminari in walking while the two of them watch the battle on their phones. She is concerned about Deku, afraid that he’ll turn into his “Dark Deku form” once again.

Kaminari asks Momo if she is familiar with the “I trust that guy!” cliché that characters like him and Kirishima frequently encounter in Shonen manga. She answers no, and Kaminari realizes she doesn’t read Shonen. He then claims that even if Deku is the strongest in the world right now, he does not feel like All Might.

Denki affirms that he does trust Midoriya, despite being worried for him. The scene then cuts to a reporter taking Ochako away in a helicopter. She says on a walkie talkie that the Gravity girl from U.A. has a very serious wound and that she needs medical assistance now.

The other reporter is running towards Hawks and Tokoyami, saying that the UA robots are going to rescue the wounded. Hawks recalls what Ochako did and her speech back at U.A. and then remembers what he himself said before: “If each of us started thinking about everyone…”

MHA Chapter 416 then cuts to pro-heroes Rock Lock and Nagant. Rock Lock wonders why Nagant is helping Deku, to which she says it’s because he opened her heart. Deku does what villains hate the most: he takes the hard way, without believing in absolute good or evil.

Deku suffers a lot in the process, but this is what makes her want to root for him.

What follows is a beautiful double-spread of a very determined Deku and many civilians watching him on a big screen, reminising people watching All Might vs All For One back in season 3. Amongst the people in the crowd, one person raises his voice to say, “Do your best…”

Deku is about to go for another punch and Shigaraki screams, “don’t come any closer!” followed by a panel of his father right before he died. Deku apparently hits him but, suddenly… he sees himself in front of the Shimura family house. And this is where My Hero Academia Chapter 416 ends. The leakers have also confirmed that there will BE NO BREAK next week.