My Hero Academia Chapter 427: Spinner Wants To Redeem Shigaraki!

The spoilers for chapter 427 of the My Hero Academia manga are here. As we enter the epilogue, we finally see things dwindling down, and the effects on the lives of everybody in the MHA universe. 

Let’s take a look! 

My Hero Academia Chapter 427 Spoilers: 

According to the spoilers, the chapter is titled “Who Was Tomura Shigaraki?”. 

The TV show “Who was Tomura Shigaraki?” opens the chapter with a reporter questioning a number of passersby about their lives.

One man says he was frightened and that he’s happy he died. He was a killer, according to two ladies, who killed some of their pals. 

The man responds that at first he seemed like a random villain and that no one anticipated he would be such a problem, while the old lady who ignored Tenko questions why he couldn’t just stop. 

The show concludes with a view of the debris and a statement that not everything has been completely restored.

We then return to the hospital where Chapter 426 left off, finding Deku sitting across from Spinner. 

According to the leaks, a doctor explains that the quirks Spinner received from All For One were gradually transforming him into a Nomu, but they’ve managed to halt the process. 

Spinner is surprised by Deku’s visit and questions his presence. Deku informs him that he has a message from Shigaraki: “Tomura Shigaraki fought to the very end to destroy.”

This message puzzles Spinner, prompting him to ask more questions before revealing that Tomura was his hope. He then begins to grow significantly in size. 

Now much larger, Spinner lifts Deku with both hands and explains that as a heteromorph, he has always faced discrimination, but Shigaraki gave him the chance to dream and be part of something meaningful.

He tells Deku that Shigaraki is his hero. The narrative shifts between panels showing Spinner speaking fondly of Shigaraki and a TV reporter portraying him as a villain. 

Spinner confides that Shigaraki was his best friend, breaking down in tears as he reflects on their journey. He reminisces about his past, wondering if he could have saved his friend by recognizing the signs earlier.

Spinner decides to write a book about Shigaraki, but Deku suggests it be a comic instead. Before leaving, Deku assures Spinner that he will never forget Shigaraki for as long as he lives.

Deku meets up with All Might and Tsukauchi, who informs him about Overhaul’s fate. Chisaki was arrested, and the boss of Hassaikai visited him to reveal that the organization had been disbanded. Despite Chisaki’s apologies, the boss does not forgive him. 

Instead, he tells Chisaki that he must apologize to Eri for the rest of her life for what he did to her, and the boss plans to stay by Chisaki’s side, scolding him until he dies.

Deku then thanks Tsukauchi and asks what can be done to prevent similar incidents in the future. After some lighthearted banter between Tsukauchi and Deku, All Might urges Deku to return to the school as the first years have arrived.

The final page of My Hero Academia Chapter 427, according to the leaks, shows a stampede of girls at the school screaming for Todoroki and Bakugo while Deku looks shocked and Mineta appears jealous.

The chapter ends here and there is a break next week.