One Piece Chapter 1120 Brief Spoilers Reveals Clover’s Connection To «D»

The short spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1120 are here and it looks like Vegapunk has one more important message left to share to the world!

According to @pewpiece on Twitter, One Piece Chapter 1120 is titled “Atlas.” The cover of Chapter 1120 features an exciting scene where Denjirou catches a group of kids who were throwing rocks at Yamato.

We are taken back to a significant flashback on Punk Hazard, where Vegapunk and Clover engage in a crucial conversation. Clover reveals to Vegapunk that he, too, bears the mysterious initial “D.” This revelation adds another layer to the enigma surrounding the “D.” lineage, suggesting a deeper connection between Clover and the larger mysteries of the One Piece world.

Returning to the present, Atlas arrives at the Thousand Sunny and confronts Nusjuro. Atlas demands that Nusjuro allow THE Sunny to escape, indicating the urgency and high stakes of their current situation.

Atlas has knocked Lilith out, so York cannot detect her. Atlas also captures Nusjuro, takes off with her jetpack, and detonates herself to gain time for Straw Hat.

The chapter takes a dramatic turn as the other elders launch an assault on Emeth, aiming to halt the broadcast. In the chaos, one of Emeth’s arms is destroyed, underscoring the lengths to which the elders are willing to go to maintain control and secrecy.

In a cryptic moment, Emeth declares that “the time is right” and that he will use “that.” This statement leaves readers on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating what “that” might be and how it will impact the unfolding events.

Vegapunk has one more part of the message. The chapter concludes with a revelation from Vegapunk: Gol D. Roger and his crew were the only ones who knew the true history of the world.

One Piece will NOT go on a break next week! The manga will be featured on the cover of Shonen Jump, along with a special color spread, in celebration of the series’ 27th anniversary.

Spoiler Source: Twitter